The Process








There are different stages in the design process, and usually I start at the beginning of a project. However I am happy to get involved at any stage if needed, and I can collaborate with other people who are already involved. The main goal is always to help you create a space you will love.

Stage 1: The Meeting
The first meeting is to get to know you (the client) and to find out what you want to achieve. I will then write a design brief based on our discussions, and will agree this with you, so we have a clear definition of what is to be achieved.  

Stage 2: Space planning
The first priority is always to make sure that the layout is the best solution for your requirements. If structural work is required, technical drawings of the space will be created and different layouts proposed. Attention is paid to how the space will be used, to design a scheme that is practical. We will discuss the best options and agree a final layout.

Stage 3: Planning permission
If planning permission is required, I can help to ensure this process runs smoothly and efficiently.

Stage 4: Design Development
This can include ideas for decoration and materials, flooring, carpentry, lighting, furnishings, wall art, upholstery and curtains or blinds. I will present a choice of options within an agreed budget. The final design scheme can then be agreed.

Stage 5: Completion and Co-ordination
I can help you to obtain quotes from builders and other service providers, and help to work out a timescale.
I will source and order products to ensure everything arrives on time, and will produce detailed specifications and drawings, when required, for lighting, sanitary ware, carpentry, decorating, etc. When the work begins on site I can attend regularly and liaise with the building team to check everything is being implemented correctly.